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Prenatal Yoga Series

During pregnancy, it is important to focus on yourself and your baby. The benefits of the Prenatal Yoga program go beyond any gym exercises. You will experience the support and comradery of other women of the community who are pregnant, as well as meditative breathing exercises and hip openers to prepare you for childbirth.

Prenatal Yoga Series

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Whether your goal is to stay in shape during pregnancy or prepare yourself for delivery, this series will calm your mind, strengthen your core and tone your body!

Prenatal Yoga Series with Angel Grant
every Wednesday night at 7:30pm
8 Week Series for $140



Physical Benefits:


  • Strengthen the core muscles that are critical to the pregnancy and delivery process
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor for pregnancy and continence
  • Strengthen your back and often alleviate back pain
  • Alleviate or diminish sciatica often associated with pregnancy
  • Prepare the body and the mind for the delivery process
  • Quicker recovery after the birth

Prenatal Pilates are available in a private and semi-private lesion. Our professionals have been trained extensively to work with your changing body.

Client Testimonials

“I started prenatal yoga at Body Vision Studio after during my second pregnancy and started pilates shortly thereafter. I am in much better shape than I ever was before my first child! I owe it all to pilates and yoga at Body Vision.”

- Leslie Johnson


“The delivery was easy! And I have my body back after 4 weeks of my baby being born. I attribute it all to the yoga I did at Body Vision Studio during the pregnancy.”

- Stacey Schultz


“This is my first child. I had so many questions and concerns. The friendships I made at the yoga class are a huge help to me. I tell everyone I know to find a prenatal yoga group for both the physical and emotional stress.”

– Trish Buday


“I discovered Body Vision Studio after my first child. I started taking prenatal yoga while I was pregnant with Wyatt, child number 2. I then started taking pilates and yoga at Body Vision Studio. I knew I just had to go back to the prenatal yoga class when I became pregnant with child number 3( sweet Addie)! I am so glad that I did. If you are pregnant, it’s something you really shouldn’t do without.”

– Sloan Alford

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